Student Poster Session at POPL'14

In a departure from the student lightning talks of the last few years, POPL'14 will have a student poster session in conjunction with the main reception. All students attending POPL are strongly encouraged to participate, and our goal is to allow as many students as possible to present themselves and their work to the community.

Suitable topics are descriptions of work in progress, thesis projects, honours projects and relevant research being or to be published elsewhere.

This is not a competition, but an opportunity to get feedback and suggestions from world-class researchers and also to market yourself as a future PhD student, postdoc, faculty member, etc.

Several students collaborating on single poster is allowed.

Important Dates:

  • Poster draft submission deadline: 30/11 anywhere in the world
  • Notification of acceptance: 4/12
  • Final poster submission: 10/1
  • Student poster session: 22/1 in conjunction with the main reception

Questions may be directed to Tobias Wrigstad (tobias.wrigstad@it.uu.se).

Acceptance Criteria

We strive to give as many students as possible a chance to present posters at POPL'14. If we cannot make space for all interested participants due to space or time constraints, we will primarily use seniority criteria rather than quality judgements to make decisions about participation, and favour students not already presenting at POPL'14 or a co-located event over those who are.

Submission Instructions

Click here. This link will take you to Easy Chair where you will be instructed to provide contact information, some basic information, and information about your presentation in the form of an abstract and a draft poster.

  1. Extended abstract An abstract of at most two pages describing the research you want to present including how it is relevant for POPL. Submit this as your paper in EasyChair.
  2. Poster draft A PDF draft of your poster.
  3. Letter of support A letter of support from your academic adviser/PhD supervisor for including your poster in the student poster session at POPL'14.

In EasyChair, Submit 1) as your paper and 2) and 3) together in a zip archive.

Poster size and printing

The poster size is 36 x 48 inches landscape format.

We do not at this point offer help with printing posters, but please let us know if you really need help and we will see what we can do.


The student poster sessions are being organised by the current chair of student activities at POPL, Tobias Wrigstad. For the organisation of the POPL conference, see here.